This beatiful heart shaped bowl with spoon is a perfect spot to put your bath salts...spoon them into your tub our let them sit in the bowl and enjoy the aroma!


This box contains:


Olive Wood heart shaped bowl and spoon –Fair trade-handmade. They are crafted from wild olive wood in Kenya - supplied by Boostani Crafts, Surrey, BC

Rose Bath Salts - Up your bath game by soaking in our Rose Bath salts. Arrives in a gorgeous, re-usable glass jar. - by Sealuxe, Crescent Beach, BC

Champagne Bubbles - White bubbly-shaped candy surrounding a luscious champagne-flavored gel center. There's no alcohol in this candy, just an amazing flavor of white grapes - by Candy Fix, Toronto, ON

Ritual Rose Body Soap - A lovely soap bar with shea nut butter and rose clay on top and glycerin soap base with activated charcoal on the bottom. It's the perfect combination for a luxurious cleaning experience. - By Sealuxe, Crescent Beach, BC


All contained in a white keepsake box and tied with ribbon. If you prefer a wood box you may make that selection when adding to cart for an additional cost.


A Little Luxury