This gift contains:


12oz Black on Black Insulated Coffe Mug - by Bevi

Cooling Mint after shave tonic-Bright and invigorating, this tonic is a  perfect final step to your shaving routine. The blend of essential oils lends a cooling, anti-inflammatory quality to this aftershave. – by Peregrine Supply Co., Vancouver, BC

Shave and Face Soap - Whether you need a shave, or just a quick wash - it's all there in one easy-to-use product.- by Peregrine Supply Co. Vancouver, BC

Pre-Shave Oil - the best thing to ensure a close, comfortable shave - even before you touch your razor. - by Peregrine Supply Co. Vancouver, BC

Bag of snacks (snacks vary depending on availability) 120g - by Laid Back Snacks – Richmond, BC


All contained in a black keepsake box and tied with ribbon

Dad Stuff